Food Committee

The Food Committee is set up to provide feedback to CDS and help improve the Board Plan. Each House has one rep, and the current IHC Food Chair is Rebecca Mikofsky. The specific charge is visible in IHC Resolution II.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee works with the Housing Office to resolve damages to the Houses. Each House has one representative, and the current Stewardship Chair is Irene Crowell.  The specific charge is visible in IHC Resolution VI. To contact the entire committee (including Mike Raven) email: ude.hcetlac.scgu@sdrawets

Interhouse Athletics Committee

The Interhouse Athletics Committee is lead by the Interhouse Athletics Manager, Jeffrey Ma.  This committee helps decide which interhouse sports will be played during the year and is made up of the interhouse athletics managers of each house.

Faculty Committees

Since 1968, Caltech Faculty committees have included student representatives. For some time, the IHC served as the "nominating" or appointing body. Currently the IHC only participates in these appointments on deferal from the ASCIT BoD. Life at Caltech is special because of the high level of student self-government, but presence of the administration is becoming increasingly obvious. To learn about the latest decisions of the administration, read the minutes from the faculty and faculty board meetings at

Review Committee

ASCIT, inc.'s Review Committee is charged with interpreting the ASCIT bylaws when the need arises, overseeing ASCIT elections, deciding election protests, appointing interm officers, and serving as oversight of the Board of Directors. RevComm is made up of one member appointed from each House and an IHC-appointed chair. The current RevComm chair is Alejandro Lopez .