Prefrosh Weekend Rules

I. Preamble

The intent of these rules is not to provide a complete set of guidelines (as is done for rotation) for Prefrosh Weekend, but rather to outline some general rules and attitudes that are appropriate for interactions with prospective students; the majority of that interaction occurring during the three day period when the admissions office encourages all prospective students to visit the campus. During the time before a student decides to attend Caltech, he or she is primarily evaluating the school as a whole. Although this evauation may include details about the Houses and variations among them, prefrosh weekend should not be viewed as an opportunity to begin recruiting new members into an individual House.

II. Regulations

  1. These rules are in effect for any contact with a student that has been accepted by Caltech until the deadline for acceptance, after which rotation rules apply. These rules more specifically apply to the three day period when all prospective students are invited, by the admissions office, to visit the campus.
  2. Throughout these rules the term "House" refers to both the organization as a whole and any of its members. Avery is also covered as a "house," and the rules apply to all Avery associates, including undergraduates, graduates, and others.
  3. Houses are authorized to do the following during prefrosh weekend:

    1. have receptions and refreshments when prospective students arrive
    2. have planned social events anywhere available with the consent of the Admissions Office and the approval of the IHC
    3. serve refreshments at events for free
    4. fairly bias a student toward Caltech
  4. Houses are prohibited from doing the following during prefrosh weekend:

    1. having any public events without the approval of the IHC
    2. releasing any publications without the approval of the IHC
    3. spending excessive money on an individual, prospective student, providing goods or services on credit or for no charge.
      Note: the operative word here is excessive. Taking a prefrosh to the coffeehouse or other CDS operated establishment and paying is allowed.
    4. providing information about future or past picks
    5. serving alcohol and other psychoactive and controlled substances to prospective students
    6. otherwise unfairly biasing a student toward or against an individual House
    7. due to liability issues, upperclassmen cannot take prefrosh off-campus (driving or walking). This is imposed by admissions, not the IHC.
  5. Houses are encouraged to:

    1. plan social events that involve some interaction between the Houses
    2. seek help for such events from campus wide sponsors such as ASCIT, the Caltech Y, or other similar organization
    3. The Houses may also do anything that the IHC approves in advance of the act

III. Penalties

The penalties for violation of these rules are the same as those outlined in the Rotation Rules, IV.Penalties.