Prefrosh Experience Rotation Rules

I. Motivation

Rotation is an opt-in process by which incoming students choose which residences they like best. The intent of these guidelines is to outline general principles and attitudes that are appropriate for interactions with prospective students who may be going through the Rotation process in the future. Though these guidelines are mainly for in-person interactions with the prefrosh, we recommend they are followed within any online communication channels as well. During the time before a student decides to attend Caltech, they are primarily evaluating the school as a whole. Although this evaluation may include details about the Houses and variations among them, prefrosh experience should not be viewed as an opportunity to begin recruiting new members into an individual House or residence. We do, however, encourage students to speak of the diverse residential life options at Caltech and other information that will help them with their college decision.

II. Regulations

These guidelines are in effect for any contact with a student that has been accepted by Caltech until the deadline for acceptance, after which general rotation rules apply.

Students and Houses are authorized to do the following during prefrosh experience:

1. speak fairly to prefrosh about Caltech as a whole. The purpose of PFE and communications with prefrosh before the deadline for acceptance is to give them a comprehensive view of Caltech.

2. speak freely about direct, personal experiences within the residential system at Caltech. To encourage fairness and accuracy, we ask students to focus on their own experiences in the residences rather than rely on rumors or other potentially false information.

3. have receptions and refreshments for prospective students

4. have planned social events anywhere available with the consent of the Admissions Office, Safety, and the approval of the IHC

5. serve non-alcoholic refreshments at events for free

Students and Houses are prohibited from doing the following during prefrosh experience, as they are honor code or policy violations:

1. having any public events or releasing publications without the approval of the IHC and Admissions, Safety, or other relevant bodies.

2. spending excessive money on an individual, prospective student, providing goods or services on credit or for no charge. Note: the operative word here is excessive. Taking a prefrosh to a CDS operated establishment and paying is allowed.

3. serving alcohol and other psychoactive and controlled substances to prospective students.

4. due to liability issues, Caltech students are prohibited from taking prefrosh off-campus (driving or walking). This is enforced by Admissions, Safety, and other relevant bodies.