Rotation Rules

The Code and Laws are the foundation that all the specific rules and procedures of Rotation are built upon. (Following these should keep you from running afoul of the full rules) 

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The most important aspect of Rotation is the Rotation Code: 

I. Rotation Code
The spirit of Rotation is to allow new students and Houses to arrive at accurate representations of each other. Following this serves the purpose of best matching new students with Houses. 

II. Preamble
  See Expanded Rules 

These Four Laws are meant to be the guiding principles of Rotation. They are second in importance only to the Rotation Code, and the spirit of Rotation embodied therein. 

III. The Four Laws of Rotation

1. Rotation participants are prohibited from unfairly biasing new students toward or against a House in a way that violates the Honor Code or goes against the spirit of Rotation.

2. Upperclassmen may not provide special or extraordinary favors or services to new students. This includes alcohol and other psychoactive and controlled substances.

3. No upperclassman or new student should discuss rating strategies or past or future student picks procedures.

4. Any remaining questions or concerns must be addressed by the IHC (ude.hcetlac.scgu@chi) .

IV. Specific Regulations
  See Expanded Rules 

V. Procedures
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VI. Penalties
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