I. Rotation Code

The spirit of Rotation is to allow new students and Houses to arrive at accurate representations of each other. No participant should unfairly bias any new student for or against any House. Following this serves the purpose of best matching new students with Houses.

II. Preamble

The rotation system has evolved over the years as the best method to distribute new students among the Houses. Each new student is given a voice in selecting the House he or she will join, and the Houses have some say in choosing their members. The motivation behind these rules is the Honor Code. The intention is to prevent both the Houses and the new students from taking unfair advantage of any other House or new student. All undergraduates are responsible for understanding and following these rules, and just as with the Honor Code, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for violating them.

III. The Four Laws of Rotation

These Four Laws are meant to be the guiding principles of Rotation. They are second in importance only to the Rotation Code, and the spirit of Rotation embodied therein.

1.  Upperclassmen may speak freely and truthfully about their experiences in and opinions of their House(s). Upperclassmen may not discuss stereotypes or rumors of any House except their own. Prefrosh should not discuss house stereotypes or rumors with other prefrosh.

2. Upperclassmen may not provide special or extraordinary favors or services to new students. This includes alcohol and other psychoactive and controlled substances.

3. No upperclassman or new student should discuss rating strategies or past or future student picks procedures.

4. Any remaining questions or concerns must be addressed by the IHC (

IV. Examples and Clarifications

1. Rotation rules are in effect for any contact with new students from the time they are a prospective applicant (including before they matriculate) until all freshmen have submitted their rating lists (as stipulated at 4:00 pm on Friday of Rotation week).

2. Informational media (posters, videos, propaganda sheets, social calendars, etc), social events, and pranks that accurately reflect the House and are approved by an IHC member in advance are all acceptable.

3. Alcohol and other controlled or psychoactive substances may under no circumstances be given to prefrosh. Upperclassmen of legal drinking age may drink otherwise as long as they are following Institute policy.

4. "Special or extraordinary favors" may include expensive (>$20) gifts, long (>4 hours) off-campus trips, and setting up a prefrosh on a date with another prefrosh. It is up to the judgement of the IHC what constitutes "special or extraordinary", and the examples above are just guidelines.

5. A student who attends a dinner, dessert, or reception for a House of which they are not a member without permission of the House's president is not representing that House accurately, and thus likely in violation of the spirit of Rotation. Likewise, alumni should speak with the President of their House before attending dinner or events.

6. Discussion of future and past events should focus on portraying the House accurately. It is unlikely that events that happened 10 years ago, and not since, are accurate depictions of the current House environment, and outlandish promises of future events like yacht rentals are likewise inaccurate.

7. Students may describe the noise level, alcohol use, and social atmosphere of their House as long as it is reflective of their experience in the House.

8. Students should consult an IHC member before speaking about a House of which they are not a member.

9. These guidelines are not exhaustive. It is up to the judgment of the students to determine whether they are providing accurate information to the Prefrosh. The IHC will prosecute Rotation Violations by following the Four Laws, the Rotation Code, and the Honor Code. Possible penalties for Rotation Violations include probation, loss of right to House rating (for Prefrosh), loss of picks (for Houses), temporary PNG status from the House for the duration of Rotation (for individuals), or any other punishment handed down by the IHC.

V. Procedures

1. Rotation week begins on the Wednesday prior to the first week of the term and ends after the first Friday of the term.

2. Throughout the course of Rotation week, new students will remain in residence at a randomly determined temporary room assignment in one of the Houses.

3. For the week of Rotation, each new student visits a different House for dinner in a randomly determined order. New students also visit the Houses for dessert.

4. Any new student who does not attend dinner or does not check in with the House President will be defined as a "no-show" for that house and should talk to the IHC Chair or Secretary immediately (at the risk of being considered to have ranked all eight Houses equally). Similarly, if a new student knows that he or she absolutely cannot attend a particular dinner or dessert, he or she should talk to the IHC Chair or Secretary as far ahead of time as possible.

5. All new students must rate all eight of the Houses and submit a list of those preferences to the Resident Associate (RA) of the House in which they are residing. New students will rate all eight Houses on an integer scale from 1 (this House is a good fit) to 20 (this House is a bad fit). No student may assign the same rating number to multiple Houses. This information will be given to each House President and shall be made available only to the House Rotation chairmen, only after all changes are finalized. The Houses are not required to follow the ratings submitted by each student. Students living outside of the eight Houses must submit ratings to the RA of the House which they visit for dinner on the final Wednesday of Rotation week. Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration by the IHC, and in extreme circumstances, new students who state to the Senior Director of Student Activities and Programs or the Master of Student Houses that they do not wish to participate in Rotation will not be selected by any House, but such new students will still be given Institute housing.

6. On the final Friday of Rotation week, the RA of each House will provide rating sheets to all of the new students dining at their House that day. From 12:00 to 2:00 PM, the RA will be available at a place made known to the new students. During that time, the new students must give their ratings to the RA. The RA will enter the student's ratings and then confirm them with the student before submitting them. At 2:00 PM, the IHC will compile the list and check to ensure that all ratings have been submitted. Every effort possible will be made to obtain any missing ratings. Only the IHC will have access to the list until it is finalized. After the list is complete, the IHC Chairman will declare the list finalized, and at that time, the House Presidents may disclose the results to their House Rotation Chairmen.

7. Selection of new students will take place at a closed meeting of the Interhouse Committee Chairman and Secretary, the eight House Presidents, up to four Rotation Chairmen from each House, the Senior Director of Student Activities and Programs, and the Master of Student Houses. This meeting will occur on the Saturday immediately following Rotation week. All information relating to this meeting will not be made public. Following the meeting, the Houses will immediately destroy all their electronic or written information relating to the meeting.

Date Wed.



Free Dinner
Free Dinner


Wed 9/21 Dinner A 5:45pm 5:30pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:00pm 6:00pm
Thu 9/22 Dinner B 5:45pm 5:30pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:00pm 6:00pm
Fri 9/23 Dinner C 5:45pm 5:30pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:00pm 6:00pm
Sat 9/24 Linner D 1:00pm 1:05pm 1:10pm 1:15pm 1:00pm 1:10pm 1:00pm 1:05pm
Sat 9/24 Dinner E 5:45pm 5:30pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:00pm 6:00pm
Sun 9/25 Linner F 1:00pm 1:05pm 1:10pm 1:15pm 1:00pm 1:10pm 1:00pm 1:05pm
Mon 9/26 Dinner G 5:45pm 5:30pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:00pm 6:00pm
Tue 9/27 Dinner H 5:45pm 5:30pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:45pm 6:15pm 5:00pm 6:00pm
Wed 9/28 Free Dinner 6:15pm 6:00pm 6:15pm 6:45pm 6:15pm 6:45pm 5:30pm 6:30pm
Thu 9/29 Free Dinner 6:15pm 6:00pm 6:15pm 6:45pm 6:15pm 6:45pm 5:30pm 6:30pm

Every Day
After Dinner
Do Try This at Home
Thursday, 9/22
Avery Tea Bar
Thursday, 9/22
Chill @ Page
Friday, 9/23
Epic Art Night
Friday, 9/23 9:00pm-11:00pm
Open Mic Night
Friday, 9/23 10:30pm-12:30am
Casino Night
Saturday, 9/24
10:30pm-12:30am Fleming
Dirty Dodgeball
Saturday, 9/24
Capture the Flag and Milkshakes
Tuesday, 9/27

Note: The times listed above indicate the start of the reception at each house. Food will be served 30 minutes after the times listed.
For the free dinners on Wednesday and Thursday, there will be no receptions, and dinner will begin at the times listed.