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The Houses at Caltech

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avery logo

Avery House Website: avery.caltech.edu

Chancellor: Parul Singh (she/her), prsingh@

blacker logo

Blacker House Website: https://blacker.caltech.edu/

President: Aditee Prabhtendolkar (she/her), aditee@

dabney logo

Dabney House Website: dabney.caltech.edu

President: Tomás Wexler (he/him), twexler@

fleming logo

Fleming House Website: https://fleming.caltech.edu/

President: Andrew Pasco (he/him), apasco@

lloyd logo

Lloyd House Website: lloyd.caltech.edu

President: Leo Williams (he/him), lwilliam@

page logo

Page House Website: http://page.caltech.edu/

President: Rik Bose (he/him), rbose@

ricketts logo

Ricketts House Website: ricketts.caltech.edu

President: Meg Robertson (she/her), mlrobert@

venerable logo

Venerable House Website: https://venerable.caltech.edu/

President: Emily Choe (she/her), ecchoe@