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Rotation Rules

2023 Rotation Rules

Rotation is an opt-in process where incoming students choose which residences they like best. The IHC asks those who participate in Rotation to follow these guidelines to ensure adherence to the law, the honor code, the code of conduct, and the spirit of Rotation. To report a rotation rule violation, click here.


First Year Students:

  1. First year students may speak freely about their experiences in the residences with others. We recommend prefrosh do not share their rankings with each other and upperclassmen, as the decision on where they feel they fit in best is a personal one.
  2. As per institute policy, first year students may not drink alcohol or take illicit drugs during Rotation.
  3. First year students should not feel pressure to rank any Residence a certain way, remain in a given environment, or interact with other people who make them uncomfortable. If this occurs, they are encouraged to reach out to a member of the IHC, the ORE, an RA, an RLC, or the Deans.

Upperclass students:

  1. Upperclass students may speak freely about direct, personal experiences within the residential system at Caltech. To encourage fairness and accuracy, we ask students to focus on their own experiences in the residences rather than rely on rumors or other potentially false information. Discussing specific experiences you have had in Houses other than your own is allowed.
  2. Upperclass students should not tell first year students how to rank houses but rather give first year students useful information to help them get a clear and accurate picture of campus. First year students should be encouraged to make their own decisions.
  3. Upperclass students may not give first year students alcohol or other psychoactive substances or give first year students extraordinary gifts to encourage them to join a specific house (i.e. taking them off campus for >4 hours, excluding preseason athletes on trips with their sports team). Each of these activities constitutes an honor code or policy violation.
  4. Along with the normal event registration process, IHC must approve any large events, prop sheets, videos, and advertisements.

All Rotation Rules are guidelines to follow that will facilitate the Rotation process. If a serious violation of the Code of Conduct or the Honor Code occurs during Rotation, you may be asked to meet with the Deans, RAs, or RLCs. To report a rotation rule violation, fill out this form: Rule Violation Form